They had fifty years…


The Democrats have had fifty years to fix the economy, bring industry back, and improve our communities. Fifty years to fulfill their promises to Ohio’s working class and middle class. Fifty years to restore our pride.

They’ve failed. The jobs are gone and the drugs are in. DC ignores it. We need a true, Ohio conservative in Congress  who knows and loves our state and its values. Someone who won’t forget us.

That’s me. 

I’m a proud lifelong Ohioan, and I’m running to bring a higher dose of our common sense to DC.

I grew up in Barberton and graduated from Copley High School and the University of Akron. I currently live in Copley and work as an attorney and an accountant. I have the knowledge and experience to face Washington.

Before becoming an attorney, I worked in the real estate, entertainment, and aviation industries. I’m an entrepreneur and have been involved with various startups and local businesses. I understand how our country works day-to-day, and how government regulation impedes our ability to thrive. 

In my free time, I like to fly planes, volunteer as a bike patrolman at Summit Metro Park, practice Judo (blackbelt), and spend time with friends and family.

I am Greg Wheeler. I’m a proud Ohio conservative, and I have a plan to put Ohio back on the map.

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