Vote Greg Wheeler

“The Heart of it All.”

Greg Wheeler proudly stands as the sole Republican candidate running for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District. He will face off against the newly elected progressive Democrat Emilia Sykes. Redistricted in 2022, OH-13 is a quintessential rust belt district with a significant working-class population who still carry Ohio’s identity as an industrial powerhouse. While its roots in rubber, polymer, and automotive production give the district its title of the “Rubber Corridor”, its diverse demographics now represent the evolving face of Ohio.

The Republican Tilt

OH-13 leans Republican (R+2 to R+5, depending on the sources). It is the most Republican-leaning district held by a Democrat in the country. The RNCC has identified OH-13 as one of its 37 prime battleground districts. In the previous election, Congresswoman Sykes managed to outspend her Republican contender by a staggering $750,000, which played a significant role in her victory. It’s worth noting that Madison Gilbert, a former Trump staffer, was pregnant and carpetbagging. Given Greg’s local roots, strong strategy and message, this district promises a Republican victory.

Greg’s Momentum and Proven Track Record

In 2022, amidst a crowded field of seven candidates, Greg Wheeler showcased his strong connection with the voters. With less than a tenth of the budget of Trump-endorsed Gilbert, Greg secured a close second place. For the 2024 showdown against Sykes, Greg is gearing up with remarkable vigor. He’s committed to raising a staggering sum, targeting at least $3 million, and is in active pursuit of a robust roster of endorsements.

As the only Republican candidate, Greg naturally emerges as the Republican frontrunner. Two consecutive quarters of strong fundraising have already placed Greg far ahead of his past performance in 2022. Nobody else has publicly signaled a serious desire to contend for this seat, with multiple public officials publicly indicating their intentions not to run against Greg.


Born and raised in the Akron area, Greg Wheeler completed his Juris Doctorate, a master’s in accountancy and a master’s in business administration with a focus in finance, and undergraduate studies in multiple disciplines from the University of Akron. He now resides in Copley, where he works as an attorney. Before pursuing law, Greg had success as an entrepreneur in real estate, entertainment, and aviation. One of his successful start-ups was featured on Shark Tank.

Greg’s extensive background in business has given him a well-rounded understanding of the consequences caused by government regulation. His education and experiences with economics, accounting, finance, and the law have provided him with a deep understanding of how public policy affects our economy and society. Having traveled to more than 100 countries for work, Greg brings a unique perspective on foreign policy and America’s role in the global community. These qualifications make him an excellent candidate for Congress.

As an Ohioan who has benefited from the opportunities provided to him, Greg Wheeler is determined to extend those same opportunities to all Ohioans. He firmly believes that all Ohioans can have dependable, quality jobs in cutting-edge industries. His goal is to “Bring the jobs in and drive the drugs out!” of Ohio.

Ohioans have made it clear that they want strong, locally focused conservative leadership that addresses the state’s problems head-on. There is no candidate who better represents these values than Greg Wheeler, and he’s ready to share his story with the district.


Winning Races

“If we don’t win races, Republicans can’t affect change. Winning must be the top priority. We cannot let the Democrats divide and defeat us.”

While we may have different views and approaches, we all agree that we can’t afford to let the radical policies proposed by the Democrats take hold. From calls to raise the minimum wage to $20 to efforts to defund the police, their ideas would only hurt hardworking Americans and threaten our communities. That’s why we must prioritize winning elections, so that we can prevent these harmful policies from being implemented. Ultimately, by working together and focusing on victory, we can ensure conservative victories and a better future for all.

Term Limits

“Term limits help ensure a responsive and innovative democracy.”

Our Founding Fathers never envisioned public service to become a lifelong career. Term limits for Congress will foster a continual cycle of fresh perspectives, making our government dynamic and more representative of the people. Long tenures in office increases susceptibility to special interests and lobbyists. Term limits will curb undue influence, promoting a government more accountable to the people it serves.

National Debt

“If you can’t put a roof over your head or food on your table because everything is too expensive, other issues  seem less important.”

Our government’s reckless spending has put our economy at risk. The U.S. has spent over $16 trillion since January of 2021. This spending is unsustainable and poses a grave danger to our economy. Inflation is skyrocketing and eroding the value of the dollar, making it harder for working Americans to make ends meet. We can’t spend money we don’t have and expect to avoid the consequences. It’s time to rein in government spending, eliminate waste and fraud, and focus on policies that promote economic growth and opportunity for all Americans. We must get our house in order to ensure a strong and prosperous future.

Foreign Policy

“America’s interests, not other counties, should be our top Priority.”

The radical and unpatriotic leadership in Washington DC is putting America’s status as the world’s sole superpower at risk. With extensive experience and having visited over 100 countries, Greg has an advanced understanding of America’s role in the world. Our foreign policy must prioritize the interests of America. By adopting a foreign policy that promotes American values and benefits our country first and foremost, we ensure a safer, more prosperous future for generations.

Second Amendment

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The Second Amendment is a fundamental right enshrined in our Constitution that protects our individual liberties and the right to bear arms. It is a cornerstone of our democracy and a critical safeguard against government overreach and tyranny. We must work to protect this right and ensure that law-abiding citizens have access to the firearms they need for self-defense and to exercise their rights as Americans. Greg witnessed firsthand the violent suppression of unarmed citizens in Hong Kong by the Chinese government. We must never let that happen here.

Immigration & The Border

“Bring us your weak, your meek, your tired few, but do it legally.”

We need to reform our immigration system to create a more streamlined and efficient process for those who wish to come to America legally. At the same time, we must also prioritize securing our borders to prevent illegal immigration and ensure the safety and security of our citizens. A nation without borders is not a nation at all, and we must take action to strengthen our border security. By reducing the incentives for illegal immigration through a fair and efficient immigration process, we can reduce smuggling and trafficking.

Crime & Drugs

“To pursue life, liberty, or happiness, we must first be safe.”

We must never allow Congress to defund our police. Greg understands the devastating impact of the opioid epidemic in our district.  Overdose is the number one cause of death for adults aged 18-55. Greg also knows that a secure border is critical to addressing this problem. 99% of fentanyl comes across our southern border. Together, we can work to secure our communities and ensure that every Ohioan can live and thrive in a safe and prosperous neighborhood.

Limited Government

“The top 9 most terrifying words in the English Language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

Protecting individual liberties is a cornerstone of Greg’s platform. Every American should be able to live their life as they see fit, free from government intrusion or overreach. This means protecting our right to free speech, assembly, and religious expression, while also safeguarding our privacy and defending our property rights. As a firm believer in the principle of limited government, Greg understands that the best way to protect individual liberties is by ensuring that the government stays out of our lives as much as possible.

Infrastructure & Investment

“Robust infrastructure lays the foundation for a prosperous nation.”

Our district’s success hinges on a strong, modern, and resilient infrastructure. Be it roads, bridges, public transit, or broadband access – our communities deserve the best. Yet, our infrastructure is aging and underfunded. We must prioritize strategic investment to modernize our infrastructure, thereby creating jobs, supporting businesses, and improving the quality of life for our citizens. As a representative, Greg will champion policies that ensure our district, and our nation, are equipped with the infrastructure needed for a 21st-century economy.


“Empowering our future begins in the classroom, not in the halls of the federal government.”

Ensuring that our children have access to a quality education is not just a policy issue, it’s a moral imperative. But the responsibility for this education should remain closest to our communities and families. Greg’s experience on multiple school boards has shown him the power of local control and parental choice schools. He champions reforms that put our children’s needs first, such as school choice and investing in vocational training. Greg firmly stands against any form of indoctrination in our schools. Our children deserve an education that is unbiased and focused on individual growth.