Greg Wheeler is a conservative Republican currently testing the waters for an OH-13th Congressional District run. Vote Greg Wheeler

OH-13 is currently occupied by former US Senate Candidate, Tim Ryan. It’s a quintessential rust belt district, being home to 698,441 Ohioans whose median income averages at $47,550 per year. There is a substantial working-class and former working-class population in the district who still carry the state’s identity as a former industrial powerhouse. This accounts for Trump’s shared local success alongside labor-friendly Democrats like Tim Ryan.

Ryan will be vacating the seat for Democrat Congresswoman-elect Emilia Sykes in January of 2023. Sykes out-spent her Republican opponent, Madison Gilbert, by $300,000, accounting for her 52.5-47.5 point victory. Additionally, the former Trump staffer, Gilbert did not have the local appeal many Ohio voters expect in a general election candidate (see “hometown hero” JD Vance’s recent victory and John Kasich’s outlier performance in 2016). 

While Ohio’s Congressional districts are up for further revision in 2023, District 13 is expected to remain geographically, culturally, and demographically similar to today’s district. The demand remains for a candidate with a positive message of economic and cultural renewal. Greg Wheeler is using December of 2022 and January of 2023 to “test the waters” for this appeal, understanding he will need to raise an astounding amount of money (at least $3 million) and accrue an impressive array of endorsements to be competitive against Sykes in the 2024 General Election.

As it stands, nobody else has publicly signaled a serious desire to contend for this seat. If Greg Wheeler were to file to run today, he would be the automatic frontrunner having placed 2nd in 2022’s seven-candidate primary.


Greg Wheeler grew up in Barberton and graduated from Copley High School and the University of Akron. He currently lives in Copley and works as an attorney and an accountant for Kim & Associates LLC.

Before becoming an attorney, he worked in the real estate, entertainment, and aviation industries.  He has built and sold multiple successful businesses such as Balloon Agents, Clan Quest Gaming,  and Transaction Realty. His work has been featured on the show Shark Tank. 

Greg Wheeler is a respected expert in the cutting-edge industry of eCommerce and the politics and economics of Southeast Asia. He currently serves as a research fellow at SEALR.

As a man who has benefited from the opportunities given to him as an American and Ohioan, Greg Wheeler is running to extend those opportunities to everyone. He believes all Ohioans can, again, have dependable, quality jobs in cutting-edge industries. It’s his goal to “Bring the jobs in and drive the drugs out!” of Ohio.

Ohioans have demonstrated they want strong, locally-focused conservative leadership that doesn’t look away from the problems plaguing the state with the recent election of JD Vance and similar Ohio conservatives from the local to the federal levels. 

No candidate fits that appeal like Greg Wheeler. All he has to do is tell his story.


Economy & Jobs

Greg Wheeler believes in American and Ohioan potential. We need a full-spectrum invigoration of our economy- bringing the old, quality manufacturing jobs back while encouraging cutting-edge small business innovation.

Crime & Drugs

Every Ohio neighborhood should be a liveable neighborhood. Greg will never let Congress defund our police, and he will do whatever it takes to get fentanyl and deadly opiates off of Ohio’s streets so businesses and families can thrive.  That’s a promise.

National Debt

America is $31 trillion in debt. This will continue to destroy the value of our dollar and benefit our enemies in the Chinese Communist Party. It is unrealistic and unpatriotic to stick with the status quo.