Want to Help But Don’t Know How?

Getting elected is a community effort. We need your help. A lot of people are passionate to help the campaign but don’t know how to contribute. Here are five ways you can volunteer.

1. Hosting a Meet and Greet

Greg doesn’t know everyone in the area. Maybe you have friends and family he would benefit from meeting? Hosting a meet and greet lets people meet their congressional candidate, while also giving Greg the amazing opportunity to reach people one-on-one.

2. Community Engagement

A successful campaign is constantly making efforts to reach the community. Greg frequently needs people who are willing to act as liaisons for the campaign at various community events. We need people who are willing to knock doors, march in parades, attend fundraisers, or just speak to people in line while ordering lunch.

3. Donate

Winning a campaign takes money. Candidates have to advertise to voters who aren’t as aware of politics as you are. The more people hear a candidate’s name, the more likely they are to vote for them. That costs money. Every dollar helps.

4. Put up signs and wear shirts

Putting a sign in your yard or wearing a t-shirt when walking around town has such a dramatic effect on other voters. If you’re willing to share who you will be voting for, other voters take that as a sign of competence. If you’d like a sign, or you want other branding to show your support, reach out.

5. Pray

Even if you can’t offer anything up above, just keeping the campaign in your thoughts and prayers can be a huge help.

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